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About Us
Execute Leads Dean    Baocai Tan
Assistant Dean    Jianqun Lin(Research Equipment)
   Jiangang Gao (International Exchange and Cooperation)
   Yuezhong Li (Scientific Research)
   Youming Zhang(State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology)
   Weihua Guo (Undergraduate Education)
School Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) Secretary    Gang Qu
Vice Secretary    Haiyan Li(Graduate Students Affairs)
   Chunxiu Han(Undergraduate Students Affairs)
Party Affairs    Airong Fan
  Tel: +86-531-88369665
  E-mail: fanairong@sdu.edu.cn
Human Resource   Donghua Chen
  Tel: +86-531-88364528
  E-mail: donghua7103@sdu.edu.cn 
Administration Office Director    Jian Zhang 
  Tel: +86-531-88364430
  E-mail: smxy@sdu.edu.cn
Staff   Qing Su
  Tel: +86-531-88364430
  E-mail: smxy@sdu.edu.cn
Teaching and Research Affairs Office Undergraduate Program    Liqin Liu, Dong Xu
  Tel: +86-531-88364839
  E-mail: lifedu@sdu.edu.cn 
Graduate Program   Xianshu Nan, Mei Yu
  E-mail: xsnan@sdu.edu.cn, myu@sdu.edu.cn
Research Affairs    Ji liu
  Tel: +86-531-88364429
  E-mail: liuji@sdu.edu.cn
Student Affairs Office Undergraduate Students    Liang Qi, Nan Liu
  E-mail: smxgb@sdu.edu.cn
Graduate Students    Panpan Zhang
  E-mail: smygb@sdu.edu.cn


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