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Key laboratory of animal cell and developmental biology of Shandong Province
Release date: 2016/10/27  Article Source:Original site     Editor: Le Su    Views:

“Key laboratory of animal cell and developmental biology of Shandong Province”was approved in October 2009. It now has four research directions, Developmental biology of animal models, Animal cell differentiation, Mechanism study of natural immunity and abnormal development of animal, Molecular mechanism of development and cell signal transduction. The laboratory sets up the post of “Taishan scholars”. Every year, the laboratory undertakes more than 30 projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), national "973", "863", Major program of NSFC and International Cooperation and Exchanges projects of NSFC and paid-in capital 10 million RMB. The total areas of laboratory buildings and standard animal centers are 3000 square meters more. A well-equipped experiment center has been set up including laser confocal microscope, flow cytometer and so on. Total value is up to about 34 million RMB. Since the laboratory established, more than 200 SCI articles have been published including PNAS, Development, Autophagy, Mol Cell Biol, Neuron, Cancer Res and J Biol Chem. The laboratory has been awarded with the first prize of national natural science and cultivates a number of high-quality scientific and technological personnel. We carry out the originality and systemic research work on frontier of animal cell and development. And a great deal of achievements has been transformed into productivity and has created enormous economic, social and environmental benefits.

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