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Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity
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 Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity was founded in 1996 and its predecessor is the former teaching and research section of ecology, botany and zoology of the Biology Department of Shandong University. There is a long history in the field of ecological education and research in Shandong University, which can be traced back to the early 1930s. Since then, Shandong University has set up the Biology Department, offered courses in Ecology and carried out related researches on the warm temperate vegetation. It is one of the earliest universities to carry out ecological researches in China and the representative was Professor Shunqing Li at the beginning. From then on, with the leadership of several generations of ecologists such as Professor Guangyu Zhou, Professor Haoquan Lu, Professor Yijin Zheng, Professor Zhengfeng Ye and Professor Renqing Wang, we gradually formed our own research feature. Now our researches mainly focus on the warm temperate vegetation, animal and plant classification, bird and beast ecology and soil ecology. A series of our representative work has been published, such as Vegetation in China (1980), Flora of Shandong (1990), Vegetation in Shandong (2000) and Vegetation Map of The People’s Republic of China (1:1000000) (2007). We also got a series of influential awards, for example, the second prize in China's State Natural Science Award.

 Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the leadership of Academician Xinshi Zhang and Professor Renqing Wang, the discipline of ecology in Shandong University has stepped into a fast development stage. Based on the existing achievements of research on warm temperate vegetation, we explore new frontiers and directions of ecology research, including biodiversity, ecological restoration, plant ecophysiology and soil microbial ecology as well as landscape ecology, urban ecology, eco-environment planning and ecological engineering. Now, we have “Shandong Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Center for Vegetation Ecology”, which was established in 2011. In 2015, we engaged in the construction of “National Forest Ecosystem Research Station in Qingdao” as the technical support unit.

 We develop extensive collaborations with other institutions both in China and the world, such as Lund University, Uppsala University, University of Alberta, Aarhus University, and Nagoya University. We are also the main promoter of developing ecological civilization and of eco-province of Shandong Province. We have undertaken and accomplished nearly one hundred national, provincial and ministerial subjects, published a series of research papers and books, and built up well functional laboratories and a field experiment station for warm temperate vegetation research. There are 15 employees in our institute, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors, and 4 lectures. We educate B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD programs. Every year we can recruit 10~20 undergraduate students, 9~12 master students and 3~4 PhD students.

 We are looking forward to having cooperation with other institutes and researchers in the study of Ecology.

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