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Fengning Xiang
Phone number: 0531-88363629
Fax number: 
E-mail: xfn0990@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor


Ph.D 2000.9-2003.12 Developmental biology, Shandong University

Master 1986.9-1989.7 Plant physiology, Shandong University

Bachelor 1982.9-1986.7 Biology, Qinghai Normal University


2003.9-present Professor, Shandong University

2006-2007 Postdoc, Seoul National University, Korea

1998.9-2003.9 Associate Professor, Shandong University

1997.3-1998.9 Lecturer, Shandong University

1989.7-1997.3 Lecturer, Qinghai Normal University


1. Genetic and epigenetic regulation of stem cell maintenance and differentiation in Arabidopsis

2. Functional study of stress tolerance / high yield related genes in Arabidopsis and soybean

3. The regulation mechanism of secondary metabolism in medicinal plant


1. National Special Science Research Program of China (RMB 3,350,000)

2. National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) (RMB 1,200,000)

3. National Transgenic Project of China (RMB 1,900,000)

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China (5) (RMB 1,800,000)

5. National R&D Project of Transgenic Crops of Ministry of Science and Technology of China (RMB 250,000)

6. Other province or ministry programs (5) (RMB 720,000)


1. Yanchong Yu1,†, Zhenhua Liu1,†, Long Wang1,†, Sang-Gyu Kim2, Pil J. Seo2,, Meng Qiao1, Nan Wang1, Shuo Li1,Xiaofeng Cao3, Chung-Mo Park2 and Fengning Xiang1,*. WRKY71 accelerates flowering via the direct activation of FLOWERING LOCUS T and LEAFY in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant J. 2016. 85: 96–106 (SCI, IF6.972)

2. Zhenhua Liu1†, Juan Li1†, Qiang Li1, Long Wang1, Qing Lu1, Yanchong Yu1, Shuo Li1, Ming-yi Bai1, Yuxin Hu2 and Fengning Xiang1,*. Repression of callus initiation by the miRNA-directed interaction of auxin-cytokinin in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant J. 2016. doi: 10.1111/tpj.13211(SCI, IF 6.972)

3. Shuo Li†1, Nan Wang †1, Dandan Ji †1, Zheyong Xue2, Yanchong Yu1, Yupei Jiang1, Jinglin Liu1, Zhenhua Liu1 and Fengning Xiang1,*. Evolutionary and functional analysis of the membrane-bound NAC transcription factor genes in soybean. Plant Physiology. 2016. Accepted (SCI, IF 7.941)

4. Meng Qiao, Zhongjuan Zhao, Yuguang Song, Zhenhua Liu, Lingxue Cao, Yanchong Yu, Shuo Li and Fengning Xiang*. Proper regeneration from in vitro cultured Arabidopsis thaliana requires the miRNA directed action of an auxin response factor. The Plant J. 2012. 71, 14–22 (SCI, IF 7.121 )

5. Pil Joon Seo,1 Fengning Xiang1(co-first author), Meng Qiao, Ju-Young Park, Sang-Gyu Kim, Yong-Hwan Lee, and Chung-Mo Park. The MYB96 Transcription Factor Mediates Abscisic Acid Signaling during Drought Stress Response in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology. 2010. 151(1):275-89 (SCI, IF 7.084)

6. Zhao Cuizhu, Qiao Meng, Yu Yanchong, Xia Guangmin, Xiang Fengning*. The effect of the heterologous expression of Phragmites australis γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase on the Cd2+ accumulation of Agrostis palustris. Plant Cell Environment. 2010. 33: 877–887 (SCI, IF 5.861)

7. Yanling Liu1,2, †, Zhongjuan Zhao, Zhongjuan Zhao1,3, †, Zheyong Xue4,†, Long Wang1, †, Yunfei Cai1, Peng Wang1, Tiandi Wei1, Jing Gong1 and Fengning Xiang1,*. An Intron-less β-amyrin Synthase Gene is More Important on Oleanolic Acid Accumulation than its Paralog in Gentiana straminea. Scientific Report. 2016. DOI: 10.1038/srep33364 (SCI, IF 5.578)

8. Dexin Wanga,b,c,1, Yanchong Yua,1, Zhenhua Liua, Shuo Lia, Zeli Wangb,* and Fengning Xianga,*. Membrane-bound NAC transcription factors in maize and their Contribution to the oxidative stress response. Plant Science. 2016. Accepted (SCI, IF 3.907)

9. Junfeng Wang, Cuizhu Zhao, Chang Liu, Guangmin Xia and Fengning Xiang*. Introgression of Swertia mussotii gene into Bupleurum scorzonerifolium via somatic hybridization. BMC plant biology. 2011. 11:71-81 (SCI, IF 4.77 )

10. Yuguang Song, Dandan Liu, Shuo Li and Fengning Xiang*. The dynamic changes of DNA methylation and histone modifications of salt responsive transcription factor genes in soybean. PLoS ONE. 2012.7(7):1-8 (SCI, IF 4.244)

11. Cuizhu Zhaoa,b,, Jin Xuc, Qiang Lia, Shuo Lia, Peng Wanga and Fengning Xianga*. Cloning and characterization of a Phragmites australis phytochelatin synthase (PaPCS) and achieving Cd tolerance in tall fescue. PLoS ONE. 2014. 9(8):1-12.(SCI, IF 4.244)’

12. Fengning Xiang, Junfeng Wang, Chunhui Xu, Guangmin Xia*. The chromosome content and genotype of two wheat cell lines and of their somatic fusion product with oat. Planta. 2010. 231:1201–1210. (SCI, IF 3.651)

13. Meng Qiao and Fengning Xiang*. A set of Arabidopsis thaliana miRNAs involve shoot regeneration in vitro. Plant Signaling & Behavior.2013. e23479-1-3.

14. Yanchong Yu, Nan Wang, Ruibo Hu and Fengning Xiang*. Genome-wide identification of soybean WRKY transcription factors in response to salt stress. Springer Plus. 2016. Accepted (SCI, IF 1.05)

15. Yunfei Cai1, Guanghua Liu, Yang Yu and Fengning Xiang*, Genotyping and metabolite characterization of somatic hybrids between Arabidopsis thaliana and Swertia mussotii. In vitro plant. 2015. 51:360–368 (SCI, IF 1.497)

16. Zhenhua Liu†, Wei Xin†1, Dandan Ji†, Long Wang, Juan Li and Fengning Xiang*. GUS activity for miR165a/166b, REV and WUS/CLV3 in in vitro direct Arabidopsis thaliana shoot regeneration. Protoplasma. 2013. 250:1213–1218 (SCI, IF 2.36)

17. Gaobin Pua, b, Peng Wanga, Bingqian Zhoua, Zhenhua Liua, Fengning Xiang a*. Cloning and characterization of Lonicera japonica p-coumaroyl ester 3’-hydroxylase which is involved in the biosynthesis of chlorogenic acid. Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem. 2013. 77(7):1403-1409 (SCI, IF1.476)

18. Fangfang Zhang, Peng Wang, Guangwen Kang, Fengning Xiang*. Asymmetric protoplast fusions between Bupleurum scorzonerifolium Willd and Taxus chinensis var. mairei. Plant cell report. 2011. 30:1857–1864 (SCI, IF 2.826)

19. Yanchong Yu, Zidong Li, Peng Wang, Fengning Xiang* Genetic and biochemical characterization of somatic hybrids between Bupleurum scorzonerifolium and Gentianopsis paludosa. Protoplasma. 2012. 249:1029–1035 (SCI, IF 2.36)

20. Li Jiang, Yunfei Cai, Guangmin Xia, Fengning Xiang*. Introgression of the heterologous nuclear DNAs and efficacious compositions from Swertia tetraptera into Bupleurum scorzonerifolium Willd. via somatic hybridization. Protoplasma. 2012. 249:737–745 (SCI, IF 2.36)

21. Meng Qiao, Zhongjuan Zhao and Fengning Xiang*. Arabidopsis thaliana in vitro shoot regeneration is impaired by silencing of TIR1. Biologia Plantarum. 2012. 56 (3): 409-414 (SCI, IF1.588)

22. Wei Xin, Zhenhua Liu, Yuguang Song and Fengning Xiang*. Direct shoot regeneration from Arabidopsis thaliana shoot apical meristems. Biologia Plantarum. 2012. 56 (4): 601-606 (SCI, IF 1.588)

23. Zhong-juan Zhao§, Yu-guang Song§, Yan-ling Liu§, Meng Qiao, Feng-ning Xiang*. The effect of elicitors on oleanolic acid accumulation and the expression of triterpenoid synthesis genes in Gentiana straminea. Biologia Plantarum. 2012.57 (1): 139-143 (SCI, IF 1.588)

24. Junfeng Wang, Yanling Liu, Yunfei Cai, Guangmin Xia, Fengning Xiang*. Cloning and functional analysis of geraniol 10-hydroxylase, a cytochrome P450 from Swertia mussotii. Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem. 2010. 74 (8):1583-1590 (SCI, IF 1.476)

25. Yanling Liu, Yunfei Cai, Zhongjuan Zhao, Junfeng Wang, Jing Li, Wei Xin, Guangmin Xia, Fengning Xiang*. Cloning and functional analysis of a β-amyrin synthase gene associated with oleanolic acid biosynthesis in Gentiana straminea. Biol. Pharm. Bull. 2009.32(5):818-824. Biol. Pharm. Bull. 2010. 32 (5):818-824. (SCI, IF 1.998)


1. Study on wheat asymmetric somatic hybridization mechanism, Hybrid genetic and genomics, 2006, first prize of Shandong provincial natural science

2. New technology of creating introgression lines using common wheat asymmetric somatic hybridization, 2009, second prize of invention award of Ministry of education

3. Research on somatic hybridization between wheat and other genus plants, 2001, second prize of scientific and technological progress award of Shandong province.

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