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Yue-zhong Li
Phone number: 0531-88564288
Fax number: 
E-mail: lilab@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor


Ph.D. Shandong University (1993)

Master, Shandong Agriculture University (1990)

Bachelor, Shandong University(1987)


Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese academy of science, Post doctor (1993-1995)

State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, School of Life Science, Shandong University, Associate professor (1995), Professor (2000)


1. Diversity, ecology and evolution of Myxobacteria

2. Multi-cellular social behaviors of myxobacteria and evolutionary adaptation

3. Anti-tumor compounds Epothilones and metabolic engineering


1. Genomic evolution of multi-cellular social behaviors of myxobacteria to marine habitats, Key Programs of National Science Foundation of China (2012-2016).

2. The existence mechanisms of the endogenous plasmid pMF1 and its effects on the evolution of Myxococcus host, National Science Foundation of China (2015-2018).

3. Studies on the mechanisms for biosynthesis of diverse analogs of polyketides epothilones, National Science Foundation of China (2017-2020).


1.Li Ping Zhu, Xin Jing Yue, Kui Han, Zhi Feng Li, Lian Shuai Zheng, Xiu Nan Yi, Hai Long Wang, You Ming Zhang and Yue Zhong Li*. Allopatric integrations selectively change host transcriptomes, leading to varied expression efficiencies of exotic genes in Myxococcus xanthus. Microb Cell Fact (2015) 14:105.

2.Wang Y, Li X, Zhang W, Zhou X, Li YZ*. groEL2, but not groEL1, is required for the biosynthesis of the secondary metabolite myxovirescin in Myxococcus xanthus DK1622. Microbiology. 2014. 160, 488-495.

3.Shu-guang Li, Lin Zhao, Kui Han, Peng-fei Li, Zhi-feng Li, Hong Liu, Zhi-hong Liu, Yue-zhong Li*. Diversity of epothilone producers among Sorangium strains in producer-positive soil habitats. Microb Biotechnol, 2014, 7(2), 130-141.

4.Kui Han, Zhi-feng Li, Ran Peng, Li-ping Zhu, Tao Zhou, Lu-guang Wang, Shu-guang Li, Xiao-bo Zhang, Wei Hu, Zhi-hong Wu, Nan Qin and Yue-zhong Li*. Extraordinary expansion of a Sorangium cellulosum genome from an alkaline milieu. Sci Rep, 2013, 3, 2101.

5.Peng-fei Li, Shu-guang Li, Zhi-feng Li, Lin Zhao, Ting Wang, Hong-wei Pan, Hong Liu, Zhi-hong Wu and Yue-zhong Li*. Co-cultivation of Sorangium cellulosum strains affects cellular growth and biosynthesis of secondary metabolite epothilones. FEMS Microbiol Ecol, 2013, 85, 358-368.

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8.J Feng, XJ Chen, X Sun, N Wang, YZ Li*: Characterization of the replication origin of the myxobacterial self-replicative plasmid pMF1. Plasmid, 68(2012): 105–112.

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10.HW Pan, ZG Tan, H Liu, ZF Li, CY Zhang, CY Li, J Li, YZ Li*. Hdsp, a horizontally transferred gene required for social behavior and halotolerance in salt-tolerant Myxococcus fulvus HW-1. The ISME Journal, 2010, 4: 1282-1289.

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