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Zhigang Xu
Phone number: 86-531-88362647
Fax number: 
E-mail: xuzg(AT)sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor


Bachelor 1995.09 – 1998.07, Yantai University, Biochemistry

Ph.D 1998.09 – 2004.01, Fudan University, Genetics


2004.01–2004.12: Research fellow, Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai, China

2005.01–2005.09: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, USA

2005.10–2009.05: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

2009.05–Now: Professor, Shandong University School of Life Sciences, China


1. Molecular mechanism of hearing transduction.

2. Molecular mechanism of stereocilia development and maintenance.

3. Mechanism of hearing loss.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS(“1” indicates first author. “*” indicates corresponding author.)

1. Liu C, Zhai X, Du H, Cao Y, Cao H, Wang Y, Yu X, Gao J, Xu Z*. Sorting nexin 9 (SNX9) is not essential for development and auditory function in mice. Oncotarget 2016 Sep 15. Advance publication.

2. Sun J*, Zhang D, Wang Y, Lin H, Yu X, Xu Z*. The role of G protein-coupled receptors in cochlear planar cell polarity. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2016 Aug;77(Pt B):220-5.

3. Hu QX, Dong JH, Du HB, Zhang DL, Ren HZ, Ma ML, Cai Y, Zhao TC, Yin XL, Yu X, Xue T, Xu ZG*, Sun JP*. Constitutive Gαi Coupling Activity of VLGR1 and its Regulation by PDZD7. J Biol Chem 2014 Aug 29;289(35):24215-25.

4. Cao H, Yin X, Cao Y, Jin Y, Wang S, Kong Y, Chen Y, Gao J, Heller S, Xu Z*. FCHSD1 and FCHSD2 are expressed in hair cell stereocilia and cuticular plate and regulate actin polymerization in vitro. PLoS ONE 2013; 8(2): e56516.

5. Sun J*, Li R, Ren H, Xu A, Yu X, Xu Z*. The very large G protein coupled receptor (Vlgr1) in hair cells. J Mol Neurosci 2013; 50:204–14.

6. Li H, Liu N, Wang S, Wang L, Zhao J, Su L, Zhang Y, Zhang S, Xu Z*, Zhao B*, Miao J*. Identification of a small molecule targeting annexin A7. BBA–Mol Cell Res 2013 Sep; 1832(9):2092-9.

7. Xu Z*, Oshima K, Heller S. PIST regulates the intracellular trafficking and plasma membrane expression of Cadherin 23. BMC Cell Biol 2010; 11:80.

8.Xu Z1, Ricci AJ, Heller S. Rethinking how hearing happens. Neuron 2009; 62(3):305-7.

9. Xu Z1, Peng AW, Oshima K, Heller S. MAGI-1, a candidate stereociliary scaffolding protein, associates with the tip-link component cadherin 23. J Neurosci 2008; 28(44):11269-76.

10. Xu ZG1, Du JJ, Zhang X, Cheng ZH, Ma ZZ, Xiao HS, Yu L, Wang ZQ, Li YY, Huo KK, Han ZG. A novel liver-specific zona pellucida domain containing protein that is expressed rarely in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology 2003;38(3):735-44.

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