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Zhaojun Ding
Phone number: 008653188362351
Fax number: 
E-mail: dingzhaojun@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor

Research Topics:

1.Auxin and environmental cues (N, P, Al and so on) cross-talk regulated plant growth and development

2.The molecular mechanism of plant gravitropism

Education and Research Experience:

2011-now, Professor, Shandong University

2007-2011,postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Jiri Friml in the department of Plant Systems Biology,VIB Ghent University.

2004-2006, postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Seth Davis in Max-Plank-Instiute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne.

1998-2003, PhD under the supervision of Prof. Tai Wang and Prof. Kang Chong in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.


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