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Jiangang Gao
Phone number: 86-531-88365399
Fax number: 
E-mail: jggao@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor


1989-1992, Ph.D., Jointly trained by Shandong University and Peking University

1986-19869 M.Sc., Department of Biology, Shandong University

1982-1986, B.SC., Department of Biology, Shandong University


2007-Present, Professor of Developmental Biology, Shandong University

1999-2007, Laboratory Supervisor,Department of Developmental Neurobiology, St Jude

Children's Research Hospital, USA

1997-1999, Research officer( A level), Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Queensland, Australia

1995-1997, Associate professor, Beijing Institute of Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1993-1995, Postdoctoral fellow, Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


1. Making animal models of human diseases

2. Studying the functions of some genes by gene targeting


1. Establishment of Mouse Models of NAT2、GSTT1 and GSTM1 Mutations and Their Functions in Presbycusis.The National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2017-2020..

2. Establishment of Mouse Models of Key Deafness Genes in Human and Their Function Study.National Basic Research Program (973) of China . 2014-2018.

3. Function Study of Myh14 and Establishment of Mouse Model of the Human Disease DFNA4. The National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2012-2015..

4. The Molecular Mechanisms of Reproductive Diseases Induced by Ovary Aging in Females. National Basic Research Program (973) of China . 2010-2014.

5. Function Study of Myo3A and Establishment of Mouse Models of the Related Human Disease. The National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2010-2012..

6. Establishment of Mouse Models of Prestin Mutations in Human Disease. The National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2009-2011.


1. Jiangang Gao, Kyeongmi Cheon , Steven Nusinowitz, Daiger, Debora B. Farber, John R. Heckenlively, Eric A. Pierce, Lori S. Sullivan and Jian Zuo. Progressive photoreceptor degeneration, outer segment dysplasia, and rhodopsin mislocalization in mice with targeted disruption of the retinitis pigmentosa-1 (Rp1) gene. PNAS 99: 5698-5703 (2002).

2. M.Charles Liberman#, Jiangang Gao#, David Z.Z. He, Xudong Wu, Shuping Jia and Jian Zuo. Prestin is required for electromotility of the outer hair cell and for the cochlear amplifier. Nature 419: 300-304 (2002). #Equal first authors

3. Jiangang Gao, Stéphane F. Maison, Xudong Wu , Kirko Hirose, Ildar Bayazitov, Yong Tian, Guy Mittleman, Douglas B Matthews , Stanislav S. Zakharenko, M. Charles Liberman and Jian Zuo. Orphan Glutamate Receptor 1 Subunit Required for High-Frequency Hearing. Mol Cell Biol. 27(12): 4500-12 (2007).

4. Jiangang Gao, Xiang Wang, Xudong Wu, Keiji Matsuda, Manish Patel, Jing Zheng, MaryAnn Cheatham, David Z.Z He, Peter Dallos and Jian Zuo. Prestin-based outer hair cell electromotility in knockin mice does not appear to adjust the operating point of a cilia-based amplifier. PNAS 104 (30): 12542-47 (2007).

5. Chen Sun, Jing Zhao, Yecheng Jin, Congzhe Hou, Wen Zong, Tingting Lu, Huashun Li and Jiangang Gao*, PTEN regulation of the proliferation and differentiation of auditory progenitors through the PTEN/PI3K/Akt-signaling pathway in mice. NeuroReport 25(3):177-83(2014).

6. Congzhe Hou, Lingcui Ding, Yecheng Jin, Chen Sun, Zhenzu Li, Xiaoyang Sun, Huashun Li* and Jiangang Gao*, Abnormal Cerebellar Development and Purkinje Cell Defects in Lgl1-Pax2 Conditional Knockout Mice. Developmental Biology 395(1):167-81 (2014).

7. Wen Zong, Shuoyang Liu, Xiaotong Wang, Jian Zhang, Tingting Zhang, Ziyi Liu, Dongdong Wang, Aizhen Zhang, Minsheng Zhu*, Jiangang Gao*. Trio gene is required for mouse learning ability. B r a i n Re s e a r c h 1 6 0 8 : 8 2 – 9 0 ( 2 0 1 5 ).

8. Jian Zhang, Rui Yang, Ziyi Liu, Congzhe Hou, Wen Zong, Aizhen Zhang, Xiaoyang Sun and Jiangang Gao*. Loss of lysyl oxidase-like 3 causes cleft palate and spinal deformity in mice. Human Molecular Genetics 24 (21):6174-6185(2015).

9. Jian Zhang, Ziyi Liu, Aoshuang Chang, Jie Fang, Yuqin Men, Yong Tian, Xiaomei Ouyange, Denise Yane, Aizhen Zhang, Xiaoyang Sun, Jie Tang, Xuezhong Liu* , Jian Zuo*, Jiangang Gao*,Abnormal mRNA splicing but normal auditory brainstem response (ABR) in mice with the prestin (SLC26A5) IVS2-2A > G mutation. Mutation Research 790 (2016) 1–7.

10. Yecheng Jin, Naixia Ren, Shiwei Li, Xiaoyang Sun, Yuqin Men, Zhigang Xu,Jian Zhang, Yue Xie, Ming Xia* and Jiangang Gao*, Deletion of Brg1 causes abnormal hair cell planer polarity, hair cell anchorage, and scar formation in mouse cochlea. Scientific Reports 6:27124 (2016 ).| DOI: 10.1038/srep27124.

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