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Dalei Wu
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E-mail: dlwu@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Professor


2003.9-2008.7 Ph.D in Drug Design, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS

1999.9-2003.7 B.S. in Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, Shandong University


2016.9-present Professor,School of Life Sciences, Shandong University

2011.8-2016.8Postdoctoral Associate,SanfordBurnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute at Lake Nona

2008.8-2011.7 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis


1. Anti-cancer or anti-anemia drug research targeting hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) and identification of their natural ligands

2. Crystallization of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) protein complex and anti-psoriasis drug discovery targeting AHR

3. Structural and functional studies of other bHLH-PAS family proteins (e.g. NPAS4)


1. Chandra V#,Wu D#, Li S, Potluri N, Kim Y, Rastinejad F*. The quaternary architecture of RARβ-RXRα heterodimer facilitates inter-domain signal transmission.Nat Commun.2017 (in press). (# contributed equally)

2.Wu D, Rastinejad F*. Structural characterization of mammalian bHLH-PAS transcription factors.Curr Opin Struct Biol.2017 Apr; 43:1-9. Review.

3.Wu D, Su X, Potluri N, Kim Y, Rastinejad F*. NPAS1-ARNT and NPAS3-ARNT crystal structures implicate the bHLH-PAS family as multi-ligand binding transcription factors.Elife.2016 Oct 26; 5. pii: e18790.

4.Wu D, Potluri N, Lu J, Kim Y, Rastinejad F*. Structural integration in hypoxia-inducible factors.Nature.2015 Aug 20; 524 (7565): 303-8.

5.Wu D, Potluri N, Kim Y, Rastinejad F*. Structure and dimerization properties of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor PAS-A domain.Mol Cell Biol.2013 Nov; 33 (21):4346-56.

6. Chandra V, Huang P, Potluri N,Wu D, Kim Y, Rastinejad F*. Multidomain integration in the structure of the HNF-4α nuclear receptor complex.Nature. 2013 Mar 21; 495 (7441): 394-8.

7.Wu D#, Nishimura N#, Kuo V, Fiehn O, Shahbaz S, Van Winkle L, Matsumura F, Vogel CF*. Activation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces vascular inflammation and promotes atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-/- mice.Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol.2011 Jun; 31 (6):1260-7. (# contributed equally)

8.Wu D, Wong P, Li W, Vogel CF, Matsumura F*. Suppression ofWIF-1through promoter hypermethylation causes accelerated proliferation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) overexpressing MCF10AT1 breast cancer cells.Toxicology.2011 Jul 29; 285 (3):97-103.

9.Wu D, Li W, Lok P, Matsumura F, Vogel CF*. AhR deficiency impairs expression of LPS-induced inflammatory genes in mice.Biochem Biophys Res Commun.2011 Jul 1; 410 (2):358-63.

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