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Chunhui Xu
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Ph.D School of Life Sciences, Shandong University

Bachelor School of Life Sciences, Shandong University


2013.09-present School of Life Sciences, Shandong University, Associate Professor

2008.03-2011.03 School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar and Research Associate

2006.02-2013.08 School of Life Sciences, Shandong University, Assistant Professor

2003.08-2005.10 Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Postdoc


1. Molecular mechanism of seed development

Many gene in the plant genome participate in seed development. Our research in this field focused on maize. The goal is to reveal the functional mechanism of seed development genes based on the mutants and find out if they can be utilized.

2. Plant artificial chromosome construction

Artificial chromosome is a new generation of genetic engineering platform, especially for multiple gene regulated traits, because it can carry large number of genes. Rice artificial chromosomes were successfully constructed with telomere repeat mediated chromosome truncation approach.


1. 2015-2017, Study on the functional mechanism and application potential of maize defective kernel gene DEK98, Natural Scientific Foundation of Shandong (PI)

2. 2015-2017, Cloning and functional analysis of key genes of maize kernels, Key Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (1st participant).

3. 2011-2014, Regeneration and heredity study of rice artificial chromosome lines. Award Foundation to Outstanding Young Scientists of Shandong (PI).

4. 2009-2011, Transfer of maize artificial chromosomes to other cereals via somatic hybridization. International cooperation (PI).


1. Yang Sun, Chunhui Xu (co-first), Minqin Wang, Daying Zhi, Guangmin Xia (2014) Genomic changes at the early stage of somatic hybridization. Genetics and Molecular Research, 13(1):1938-1948

2. Chunhui Xu, Meng Wang, Li Zhou, Taiyong Quan, Guangmin Xia (2013) Heterologous expression of the wheat aquaporin gene TaTIP2;2 compromises the abiotic stress tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana. PLOS ONE, 8(11):e79618

3. Li Yan, Chunhui Xu (co-first), Yali Kang, Tongwei Gu, Duoxiang Wang, Shuangyi Zhao and Guangmin Xia (2013) The heterologous expression in Arabidopsis thaliana of sorghum transcription factor SbbHLH1 down regulates lignin synthesis. Journal of Experimental Botany, 64(10):3021-3023.

4. Chunhui Xu, Zhukuan Cheng, Weichang Yu (2012) Construction of rice mini-chromosomes by telomere-mediated chromosomal truncation. The Plant Journal 70:1070-1079

5. Laining Zhang, Chunhui Xu, Weichang Yu (2012) Cloning and characterization of chromosomal markers from a Cot-1 library of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 137:31-41

6. Chunhui Xu, Weichang Yu (2011) Telomere truncation in plants. Methods in Molecular Biology 701: 113-130

7. Shuo Li, Chunhui Xu (co-first), Yanan Yang, Guangmin Xia (2010) Functional analysis of TaDi19A, a salt-responsive gene in wheat. Plant Cell & Environment 33: 117-129

8. Chunhui Xu, Weichang Yu (2009) Engineered minichromosomes in plants. McGraw-Hill Year Book of Science and Technology 2009. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., United States of America, p 105

9. Fanguo Chen, Chunhui Xu (co-first), Mengzhu Chen, Yanhui Wang, Guangmin Xia (2008) A new α-gliadin gene family for wheat breeding: somatic introgression line II-12 derived from Triticum aestivum and Agropyron elongatum. Molecular Breeding 22: 675-685

10. Chunhui Xu, Guangmin Xia, Daying Zhi, Fengning Xiang, Huimin Chen (2003) Integration of maize nuclear and mitochondrial DNA into the wheat genome through somatic hybridization. Plant Science 165: 1001-1008


1. Chunhui Xu, Weichang Yu. Construction methods and application of plant artificial chromosomes. ZL201210048564.3

2. Shuangyi Zhao, Chunhui Xu, Li Yan, Guangmin Xia. Sorghum lignin synthesis regulation gene SbbHLH1 and its application. ZO201210516510.5

3. Guangmin Xia, Shuo Li, Chunhui Xu, Mengcheng Wang, Yanan Yang. Wheat salinity sensitive gene TaDi19A and its application. ZL200910014350.2

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