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Hai-Nan Su
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Ph.D 2005-2010, Shandong University, Microbiology

Bachelor 2001-2005, Shandong University, Biotechnology


2010-2012, Institute of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Post-doctor

2012-2014, School of Life Science, Shandong University, Lecturer

2014-now, School of Life Science, Shandong University, Associate Professor


1. Nanomicrobiology

2. Structure and function of phycobilisomes


1. 2014-2017 The supramolecular architechture of the phycobilisomes and their arrangement pattern from red algae. National Natural Science Foundation of China

2. 2016-2019 Architecture of the cell wall peptidoglycan from Bacillus at nanoscale. National Natural Science Foundation of China


1. Zhao LS, Su HN*, Li K, Xie BB, Liu LN, Zhang XY, Chen XL, Huang F, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ. Supramolecular architecture of photosynthetic membrane in red algae in response to nitrogen starvation. Biochim Biophys Acta-Bioenergetics. 2016, 1857:1751-1758, SCI, IF 4.864

2. Liu C, Zhang XY, Wen XR, Shi M, Chen XL, Su HN*. Arcticiflavibacter luteus gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from intertidal sand. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol, 2016, 66:144-149, SCI, IF2.439

3. Su HN, Ran LY, Chen ZH, Qin QL, Shi M, Song XY, Chen XL, Zhang YZ, Xie BB*, The ultrastructure of type I collagen at nanoscale: large or small D-spacing distribution? Nanoscale, 2014, 6:8134-8139, SCI, IF 7.76

4. Ran LY, Su HN, Zhao GY, Gao X, Zhou MY, Wang P, Zhao HL, Xie BB, Zhang XY, Chen XL, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ*. Structural and mechanistic insights into collagen degradation by a bacterial collagenolytic serine protease in the subtilisin family. Mol Microbiol, 2013, 90:997-1010, SCI, IF 3.761

5. Su HN, Chen ZH, Liu SB, Qiao LP, Chen XL, He HL, Zhao X, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ*. Bacterial capsules under atomic force microscopy: characterization of the bacterial polysaccharide capsules and detection of the capsules in the presence of deliquescent water. Appl Environ Microbiol, 2012, 38:3476-3479, SCI, IF 3.823

6. Su HN, Chen ZH, Song XY, Chen XL, Shi M, Zhou BC, Zhao X, Zhang YZ*. Antimicrobial peptide trichokonin VI induced morphological and nanomechanical property alterations of Gram-positive Bacillus subtilis. Plos One, 2012, 7:e45818, SCI, IF 3.057

7. Su HN, Xie BB, Zhang XY, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ*. The supramolecular architecture, function and regulation of thylakoid membranes in red algae: an overview. Photosynth Res, 2010, 106:73-87, SCI, IF 4.122

8. Su HN, Xie BB, Chen XL, Wang JX, Zhang XY, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ*. Efficient separation and purification of allophycocyanin from Spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis. J Appl Phycol, 2010, 22:65-70, SCI, IF 2.372

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