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Yushuang Lin
Phone number: 0531-88364935
Fax number: 
E-mail: linyushuang@sdu.edu.cn
Title: Associate Professor


2000.09-2005.06 Shandong University PhD Developmental Biology

1995.09-1999.06 Shandong University B.S. Biochemistry

Work Experience

2009.12- Life Science School of Shandong University Associate professor

2005.07-2009.11 Life Science School of Shandong University Lecturer

1999.07-2000.08 Shandong Sanxing Chemical United Company Technician

Research Directions

1. The effects of gene polymorphism on production trait in Chickens

2. The expression and regulation of muscle and fat related genes in vertebrate


1.2014.01-2016.12 The research on growth and production traits affected by FABP, ADFP and PLIN in Broiler Chickens. Key research project of Shandong Province

2. 2013.01-2015.06 Molecular basis and innovative utilization of excellent traits of poultry. Research on the innovation and utilization of agricultural biological resources in Shandong province

3. 2102.12-2015.12 Study on candidate genes of quality traits in Shandong local chicken breeds. Good seed project of Shandong province

4. 2012.01-2013.12 Analysis and innovative utilization of excellent local poultry breeds. Good seed project of Shandong province


1. Hu, W1., Chen, S1., Zhang, R. and Lin, Y*. 'Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the upstream regulatory region alter the expression of myostatin'. In Vitro Cell DevBiol Anim.2013,49(6):417-423. SCI, 5 year IF:1.302

2. Lin, Y1., Chen, D1., Zhang, W1., Cai, Z., Chen, Z., Zhang, N., Mao, B. and Zhang, H*. 'Characterization of the immune defense related tissues, cells, and genes in amphioxus'. Sci China Life Sci, 2011, 54 (11):999-1004. SCI, 5 year IF:uncertained

3. Wang D. 1, Liu X. 1, Zhang R., Liu G.,Wan F.*, Lin,Y.*. Effect of MSTN gene upstream sequence polymorphism on transcriptional expression in Luxi Huang Cattle. Chin Anim Husb Vet Med.2016,43(7):1667-1673 Chinese

4. Wang D1.,Zhou Y.,Lei Q. ,Han H., Lin,Y.*. Screening of Molecular Genetic Markers Applied to Excellent Meat Traits of Luqin No.3 Chicken. China poultry, 2016,38(9):10-14 Chinese

5. Zhang R.1,Lin,Y.*. Study on evolutionary and expression pattern of cardiac α-actin in cattle. Chin Anim Husb Vet Med.2013,40(8):46-49 Chinese

6. Zhang Ran1,Lin,Y.*. Study on the expression of MSTN gene in different chicken breeds. China poultry, 2012,34:61-63 Chinese

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