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Postdoc recruitment
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Laboratory of Myxo and Pharm MicrobioTechnology (LMPMT) is an active research group in State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, Shandong University. The main work in our group is focusing on myxobacteria, famous producers of bioactive secondary metabolites. We have long-term interests in the following topics:

i)Ecology, biodiversity and survival strategies of myxobacteria

ii)Genetics, biochemistry and omics analyses for myxobacteria evolution and adaptation

iii)Genetics, biochemistry, genome editing and optimizing ofMyxococcusfor biosynthesis of epothilones

We welcome young scientists who have recently completed their Ph.D. with backgrounds of molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry and bioinformatics to apply for the postdoc positions in LMPMT.

All applications should be sent to

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